UBRSS— Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist

The Ubiquiti Broadband Routing & Switching Specialist (UBRSS) course is a three-day, in-class training course designed to teach core protocols and technologies used in today’s Internet Service Provider networks. The curriculum contains practical, real-world examples as well as hands-on lab activities with TOUGHSwitch and EdgeMAX equipment to enhance student learning.

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Course Outline

  • Configure Lab Equipment
  • EdgeMAX Product Family
  • Addressing Basics
  • Subnetting
  • VLSM for Providers
  • Summarization
  • OSI Model & Encapsulation
  • Network Topology Foundations
  • Network Interfaces
  • The Local Network
  • Network Communication
  • The Wide Area Network
  • Routing Tables
  • Static Routing Protocols
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • DHCP
  • DNS
  • NAT
  • Firewalls
  • Tunnels & VPN
  • IPv6 Intro
  • EdgeOS Commands
  • Addressing & Routing Tables