сентябрь, 2018

03сенВесь день04UBWA - ОТМЕНЕНТехнопарк "ЦВЕТ" Организатор: ROUTERZ.RU Учебный курс:UBWA v2


Детальная информация

Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin (Администратор широкополосной связи Ubiquiti)

The Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin course is a two-day, in-class training course that teaches the most important concepts in Outdoor Wireless Networking. Course materials and lab activities teach airOS-8 using airMAX-ac equipment, with special emphasis on how to design, build, and manage a successful Wireless ISP.
Course Outline
RF Theory

Frequency vs. Propagation
Unlicensed Bands
OFDM Spectral Masks
Licensed Frequencies
Decibels in RF Systems
Free Space Path Loss
Line of Sight & Fresnel Zones
Link Power Budgets
Fade Margin

Radio Operation

Standard RF Circuit
Carrier Signals
Radio Sensitivity
Radio Selectivity
Signal, Noise & Interference
Chains, Data Rates & MIMO
Thermal Noise
Channel Flexing
airPrism Technology
Modulation, EVM & Data Rates

Antenna Theory

What is Gain?
Isotropic Radiators
Antenna Function
Gain, Efficiency & VSWR
Gain, Surface Area & Directivity
Polar Plots
MIMO, Polarization & XPD
Types of Antennas
Antenna Alignment
Downtilt, Lobes & Nulls

Ubiquiti Service Providers

TDMA & airMAX Protocol
802.11, CSMA/CA & Indoor
Problem of Hidden Node
airMAX-AC, airOS-6 & -8
Traffic Shaping & Burst
Scalability vs. Performance
Security & VLANs
airFiber Technology & Protocols
airOS Tools & Redudancy
Bridged vs. Routed ISP


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сентябрь 3 (Понедельник) - 4 (Вторник)

Место проведения

Технопарк "ЦВЕТ"

26к4 16-я парковая Москва


ROUTERZ.RU+7 (495) 777-8340 Москва, 16-я Парковая, 26к4

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